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Wind Energy

Wind TurbineWind energy represents one the purest forms of clean, renewable energy generation. The wind is a free and abundant source of power that can generate electricity using pole-mounted turbines. The most ideal applications are coastal and mountainous areas, or large open spaces. Wind resources across many parts of New England provide a strong potential to develop lucrative wind projects for small or large investors.


MacCo Energy’s team will conduct an initial site analysis of your property using local weather patterns and permitting regulation to know whether a wind system is feasible. If in fact your location is a desirable one for wind power, you will be happy to know that projects for wind power systems benefit from some of the most substantial state and federal incentives available. Costs can be offset in some cases by as much as 75%! Also, systems can be grid-tied and gain REC credits like solar PV systems.

These incentives make now the no-brainer time to invest in wind for many. Contact us today to get started and have one of our team members do an initial feasibility study on your property.


- Endless, clean form of renewable energy
- Generous rebate and credits to offset project costs
- Sell unused electrical power back to the grid for faster ROI


- Federal Modified Accelerated Cost-Recovery System Provision
- Federal first-year Bonus Depreciation Provision
- Federal Business Energy Investment Tax Credit up to 30%
- Various state and utility incentives
- Residential Renewable Energy Federal Tax Credit