Efficiency, Energy Conservation, Renewable Energy

MacCo Energy : What We Do

Company Information
  • Solar Energy Business Association of New England
  • U.S Green Building Council Member
  • Leed Green Associate
  • Northeast Sustainable Energy Association

What We Do

Energy efficiency is such an important issue in today’s world. The more we grow, the more we use, and the less the natural resources that we have relied on become readily available to us – not to mention, the more expensive they become! MacCo’s goal is to reduce the amount of energy you use in your building, and consequently the amount of money you spend on utility costs.

Renewable EnergyWe do this not by sacrificing your comfort, but by providing you with a diversity of ways to save on energy costs, like improving existing building structure and systems with higher efficiency materials and equipment, or, by introducing supplementary technologies such as renewable energy equipment and energy recovery and conservation systems.

Our knowledgeable team will help to design a tailored solution to significantly reduce your energy usage and ensure substantial utility savings into the future.