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MacCo Energy : Weatherization

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Thermography on houseA commonly overseen measure in energy efficiency is weatherization. Unfortunately, many of our nation’s buildings were constructed in a very inefficient manner, providing lousy protection against external weather elements such as heat, cold, wind and rain. Weatherization takes simple measures to protect against these elements, providing a building envelope that is resistant to these outside forces, helping to provide a comfortable indoor environment.

Spray Foam InsulationMacCo knows all the proper strategies to help you take this very important step towards whole building energy efficiency. Some of these techniques include: duct and pipe sealing, air sealing, wall/attic/basement insulation and window and door replacement. We can explain the numerous available incentives for weatherization projects, like the 75% rebate from the Department of Energy, to integrate a whole-building weatherization program. Contact us today to find out more about weatherization for your home or business.


- Reduces heating and cooling costs
- Improves building durability
- Creates a healthier indoor environment


- Energy-Efficient Commercial Buildings Federal Tax Deduction
- Various state and utility incentives
- Residential Energy Efficiency Federal Tax Credit
- Low and 'no' interest financing options available