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MacCo Energy : Water Conservation

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Water Conservation

Low Flow FaucetDual Flush ToiletWater usage is a major issue in our world today. Over the past century usage per-capita has doubled six times in the United States! Over time, governments will likely start regulating water usage, forcing us to take action.

Fortunately water usage can be greatly reduced through many simple measures like installing low-flow fixtures and appliances. For buildings with higher loads, a more in depth solution can be designed. MacCo can help integrate a grey-water recycling system in your building, or a rainwater harvesting system, using this water for non-potable needs, such as irrigation systems or latrine water.

If you are ready to start getting serious about saving water, contact MacCo Energy today to get started on water saving solutions that are right for your building.


- Saves money
- Protects drinking water resources
- Minimizes water pollution and health risks
- Reduces the need for costly water supply and new wastewater treatment facilities
- Maintains the health of aquatic environments
- Saves energy used to pump, heat, and treat water