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Dear Stephen,


I’ve been a customer of MacCormack/MacCo since January 2012 and I’ve used a variety of services from your company including everything from toilet/shower repairs, bathroom/kitchen renovations, and recently the installation of three Alpine condensing boilers and TurboMax indirect hot water heaters at my rental properties in Lowell and Ayer. I’m writing to tell you how pleased I’ve been with the level of service received so far.All the guys I’ve met and worked with so far have shown pride and loyalty to their company, a level of commitment, professionalism, and respect towards the customers, and have displayed knowledge and efficiency in their work. They are all very dedicated to their jobs. To me as a customer, when a MacCormack plumber arrives at my job I know that regardless of what kind of day he has had, how tired he is, or what time it is, that he will work hard and efficiently and not leave until the job is fixed or a plan is in place. I’ve had three boilers installed since August and on each one the guys reminded me of the war movie “We Were Soldiers” where no boots or equipment left the battlefield til the job was done.I’ve met some of the guys and not remembered their names, but a few that I do remember and would like to recommend are: Paul, Ryan, Rob, Chris (the one who lives by my apartment in Lowell), and another Chris who recently repaired the furnace in my home. The others whom I’ve met and not mentioned here all receive the same high regards. Keep up whatever you’re doing for these guys, don’t lower your standards, and everyone will continue on win-win relationships. Oh yeah, don’t want to forget, Rick Roguen is doing a great job too.


Kevin F. Ackert



On Tuesday November 18, 2014 your service engineer, Paul Verrill (I hope I have recorded Paul’s name correctly), conducted a flush of our hot water heater and investigated a “resonance” in our gas burner/home heating system.The “resonance” was one of those irritable problems for which there was no obvious explanation. The resonance did not occur on every lite off cycle of the burner and it could not be repeated on demand. However, when it occurred, a repetitive (1 to 3 cycles) low rumble could be heard throughout the house. Also a vibration could be felt in the burner intake and exhaust piping when the noise was present. Paul was very methodical in his survey of the heating system and very patient in listening to all of my theories. Paul found a sound short (the burner exhaust pipe was in direct contact with a floor joist) which we insulated with a piece of rubber. Paul also reset the burner so it would burn at full capacity when the outside temperature is 30 degrees rather than 0 degrees as it had been set by a service engineer earlier this year.After several days of operation, I am happy to report the vibration and associated resonance/noise seems to have been eliminated as a result of Paul’s work.Please let Paul know his “tune up” was successful. I very much appreciate Paul’s knowledge of the burner/heating system, his patience and his professionalism.


Dan DePompei

Before and After Photos



Above are two examples of a typical energy upgrade project done by the team of MacCo Energy Professionals. The before and after pictures clearly shows the old oil fired systems that ran at about 52% energy efficiency, it was a dinosaur type of product for a number of reasons. This upgrade from oil to gas provided a heating system that will provide comfort and savings for many years.