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  • Solar Energy Business Association of New England
  • U.S Green Building Council Member
  • Leed Green Associate
  • Northeast Sustainable Energy Association

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  • Check out our blogs(August 18, 2010 - James Curry)

    One of the interesting things you will find within our site is that we have set up a variety of blogs to share the latest information from our industry with you…

    Industry News – We have an Industry News blog which gives information about facts, breaking news, new product/technology innovations

    Service Specific Blogs – These are separate blogs pertaining to the services that we offer, each going into more depth of that particular service type. These blogs can be linked to by clicking on the subheadings at the bottom left portion of our Home Page, or any page for that matter. Subjects include: solar energy, wind power, geothermal and more.

    MacCo News – There is also a blog about what’s happening inside MacCo. Articles might include internal activities, project details, or incite from our staff and customers. If you have something to share with our community and would like us to put it on the blog, please contact us and we would be glad to get it in there!

    - The MacCo Team

  • Website online !(June 23, 2010 - James Curry)

    MacCo Energy would like to welcome you to our recently revamped website and thank you for visiting!

    We hope to bring you a variety of useful information from our team of experts, as well as things that are happening around the energy industry, globally and locally. Please take the time to look through the site and find out more about all the interesting and innovative solutions available to you to improve your building’s level of energy efficiency, no matter what the size.

    We invite you to contact us with any comments or questions you have about our services.

    -The MacCo Team