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Heat Pumps/Geothermal


The idea behind a heat pump is to move air or water from one place to another, extracting heat in the process. This exchange is made possible by moving refrigerant through coils, expanding or contracting it to help create warmer or cooler air. Whether it is cool or warm air that is being created depends on the direction that the refrigerant moves through the system.

MacCo Energy’s experienced team can help size and select the type of system that is right for you. To learn more about each system, click on the above tabs. Otherwise, if you want to start moving forward with a preliminary discussion, contact us now to get started.

Air Source

Air Source Heat Pump SystemMost people don’t realize, but even very cold air contains some heat. Air source heat pumps extract that heat from the cold air and use it to warm the indoor air or water for a building. In the summer months, the same system can be used to remove heat from inside the building to create cooler air.

Compared to conventional HVAC systems, air source heat pumps are less costly to run, and require little maintenance. They are great systems for regions with both heating and cooling loads, like the Northeast. Air source heat pumps are a very cost effective way to create a comfortable indoor environment, year round. Contact us today to get started on an air source pump system for your building.

Ground Source (Geothermal)

Geothermal Heat Pump System

Unlike air source heat pumps, ground source, or geothermal heat pumps use the stored energy in the ground to satisfy heating or cooling needs. At depths greater than 6-8 feet, the ground remains at a constant temperature of around 50°-70° F. This is made possible in part because the ground absorbs and stores about 46% of the sun’s energy. A geothermal system is made up of a piping loop that passes liquid underground heating it in the winter, or cooling it in the summer. The principle is essentially the same as an air source heat pump, however much more efficient due to the lower difference in source and sink temperatures.

There are phenomenal rebates available from the federal government for geothermal systems. These rebates greatly reduce payback periods, especially when replacing a conventional oil-fired or electric system. These systems are especially well adapted for the northeastern US climate. Contact MacCo Energy today to get started on a geothermal system for your home or business.


- Uses 25%–50% less electricity than conventional heating or cooling systems
- Reduces energy consumption up to 44% compared to air-source heat pumps and up to 72% compared to electric resistance heating
- Improve humidity control by maintaining about 50% relative indoor humidity
- Relatively few moving parts helping to ensure durability reliability
- Extremely quite operation, thanks to the elimination of outdoor air compressors


- Federal Modified Accelerated Cost-Recovery System Provision
- Federal first-year Bonus Depreciation Provision
- Federal Business Energy Investment Tax Credit up to 10%
- Various state and utility incentives
- Residential Renewable Energy Federal Tax Credit
- Residential Energy Efficiency Federal Tax Credit
- Low and 'no' interest financing options available