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Efficient Heating & Cooling

Radiant floor heating systemDid you know that about 47% of the energy costs in our homes and businesses in New England goes towards heating alone?

Add in the extra energy costs for cooling and domestic hot water, and we are talking about almost 70% of total energy costs! Those are some pretty eye-opening numbers for all of us. What's more, the majority of active systems are well below current efficiency standards. The good news is that there are so many options available to significantly reduce our energy spending.

Wall hung modulating condensing boiler MacCo Energy offers all the advanced heating and cooling services that can help to reduce your energy costs tremendously, in many cases by up to 40%! These savings can come through upgrading to high efficiency boilers or furnaces, installing tankless (on-demand) water heater technology, integrating mini-split air conditioning, or converting to cleaner and more economical natural gas, to name a few.

Our team will take a tailored approach and to your project and size, select, and install a system that is right for your building’s needs. We make sure you use only what you need, in order to save you a maximum amount throughout the life of your system and maintain the comfort you deserve.

Efficient cooling systemContact us today to schedule a consultation for your home, or business and we’ll tell you about the variety of rebates available for many of the different heating and cooling systems that we offer: condensing boilers and water heaters, tankless on demand water heaters, forced air furnaces and split cooling systems, forced hot water boilers, steam heating upgrades, radiant floor heating, ductless mini-split systems, and more.


- Increased comfort level in your indoor space
- Significantly lower annual energy costs
- Reduce dependence on natural resources


- Federal Energy Efficiency tax credit
- Various state and utility incentives
- Low and 'no' interest financing options available