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MacCo Energy : Combined Heat and Power

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Combined Heat and Power

Cogeneration plantCombined Heat and Power (CHP) or Cogeneration is one of the most common, yet also little known forms of energy recycling. The process involves using the same fuel source, such as natural gas, to create electricity and heat at the same time. Electricity is created using a heat engine, and then the heat created by electrical generation is captured to be used in space or water heating. It’s a legitimate two-for-one deal!

HeatElectricityCHP systems have traditionally been found in municipal or industrial buildings that require a relatively constant power and heat load. Today’s technology now makes it possible to have this power producing and temperature comfort in residential applications as well. MacCo Energy can provide you with solutions in both home and industrial applications. Contact us today to get started and find out how you can receive huge rebates from your utility company on an analysis and installation of a cogeneration system.


- Two-for-one form of energy production
- Superior comfort for residential applications, allowing for even temperature levels throughout the day
- Sell unused electrical power back to the grid for faster ROI


- Federal Modified Accelerated Cost-Recovery System provision
- Federal first-year Bonus Depreciation provision
- Federal Business Energy Investment Tax Credit up to 10%
- Various state and utility incentives